Who we are

QueueAway is a barbershop revolution. It allows your clients to queue for your barbershop away from your waiting area, increasing your revenue and client base.

WHAT IS QueueAway?

QueueAway is a user and management friendly application, simply run on any device that has a web browser with internet access.

The client walks through the door and joins your virtual queue by entering their details. Clients can then leave to await their QueueAway text message. This frees up your waiting area, making your barbershop look less busy and more attractive due to precise queue management.

Clients want to free up their valuable time, making you the talk of the town and the number one barbers of choice in your area.

Text delivery service is completely automated, allowing you to set your own queue timer, based on your appointment schedule. QueueAway brings the client back when you are ready.

QueueAway is client and management friendly. Clients can input their details with ease, and management can control the queue with confidence.

What do you need to run QueueAway?

To commence a free trial all you need is an internet connected device. If after the free trial you wish to start a full subscription, all you need is a fastsms account to use alongside your device. For a complete bespoke subscription, your custom logo’s and colour specifications will be required.
* QueueAway does not provide devices or fastsms accounts ( free texts are provided during free trials )
* Text messages used from a fastsms account cost approximately 4p per text.

Interactive Queue Demo

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FREE for 1-month
  • Client Support
  • Queue Management
  • Texts Included
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£25 / per month
  • Client Support
  • Queue Management
  • Personalize Logo & Graphics
  • Personalize Color Scheme
  • Personalize Background Image
  • Texts are not included in this cost
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  • Location exclusivity of arranged radius clause, £80 per calendar month. (Exclusive of texts)
  • One month rolling contract, with one month notice given.



How easy is it to set up and run QueueAway?

It’s very simple to set up, and our dedicated team can help you remotely whenever if needed. QueueAway has kept a very simple user interface allowing quick and easy interaction, on any device that has a web browser and an internet connection.

How easy is it for clients to use QueueAway?

Clients only have to enter their name and contact number when using QueueAway, making it super simple and easy for anyone.

Why would it help my business?

QueueAway takes the pain out of waiting. Giving your customers visibility into their estimated wait and the freedom to walk around while they wait. Then notify them with a text message when you’re ready for them. Spend less time worrying about no shows and tracking people down, and more time on taking good care of your customers.

How will it increase my sales?

Don’t you hate it when a new face walks in the door and turns right around when they see how many people are waiting? You just lost a chance to turn a new customer into a regular client, and you can lose those regulars as well if they have to wait all the time. That is why it is critical to manage your busy times better. QueueAways innovative concept allows this and will help make your business the establishment of choice in your area.

Is there a contract?

No, QueueAway is run on a monthly basis, don’t want this amazing app anymore? Just let us know and we can cancel your account.

Ok how much does it cost?

An off the shelf package is only £20 per month and a custom QueueAway made to your bespoke look and feel will set you back only £25 per month.

Can I customise my own system?

All the customisation is done at our end with your guidance.

How many appointment slots can I run at the same time?

You can run unlimited appointment slots with your QueueAway app.

What happens if I have a problem?

Our dedicated support team will help you with any issues you have.